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The favorite weight loss topic for many of us is infused water!  Research is a testimony to the fact that when you drink water, it naturally boosts your metabolism and drinking infused water can be a vital ingredient for weight loss.

Definition of Infused water and the benefits associated with it?

There are known by various names such as fruit infused water, detox water or fruit flavored water. The infused water can be a combination of fruits, herbs or vegetables immersed in cold water. It has the benefit of being full of flavor and since it has no calories, it goes on to become a popular tool to lose weight and in the process gain better health. Fruit infused drink is the best because it is a delicious hydrating drink and moreover you can sip it the whole day along.

Apart from tasting great and having no calories to worry about, the water detox has a host of additional benefits which is illustrated below

  • Fills up your belly in such a manner that you do not feel like eating much
  • While working out it tends to reduce the muscle fatigue
  • Your body releases fat loss which helps you to lose weight fast
  • Flushes out the toxins from the system and helps to improve your mood
  • The process of food moving around your system happens

Weight loss and water are two sides of the coin. If you drink a lot of water you are bound to lose weight ,which is indeed one of the healthiest forms of habits that you can incorporate. There are so many types of infused water that you can choose one.

List of popular fruit infused water recipes?

  • Lemon water– When it comes to lemon water, they are the undisputed king. It is tasty, simple to make and the main ingredients of a lemon detox recipe are mints and lemon. Lots of vitamin C along with mint adds a refreshing taste
  • Apple cinnamon water– it is one of the popular fruit infused water recipes and is delicious. It aids in the process of boosting your metabolism levels
  • Mango ginger water– is you aware of the fact that both ginger and mango boosts your metabolism? In addition to this quality, ginger happens to be a great pain reliever. It also tends to eradicate heart burns and evades morning sickness.
  • Strawberry and Tangerine infused water– a combination of tangerine along with strawberry is known to contain fruits that are embedded with vitamin C and big metabolism boosters as well. It is one of my favorite combos and being cold and hot it is a delicious drink
  • Cucumber lemon water– this is the classical lemon water you will find all over and there is a reason behind it. No second thoughts to the fact that it is the perfect detox drink and drinking cucumber water for weight loss is popular for one simple reason and that is because it works.

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