Waist Trainer Corset- How to Use Them?

Waist trainer corsets are being used from a very early period. It is used to reshape your body and mainly helps in the reduction of waist fats. They help to maintain an hourglass shape. It covers from your breast to waist. They compress at the belly and waist and pushing the muscles upwards and downwards leads in the enlargement of breast and hips. Now you can find various qualities of corsets with different shapes. You can opt according to your waist size and how you want your body to be. If you wear it properly for a long time, then it can reshape your body permanently.

History of corsets

Waist trainer corset had been in use since very long but it gained more popularity during 1800 and early 1900’s. This era saw a significant growth and change in the shape of women corsets. The size of corsets changed into a demi- corset because it seemed much lighter and was used by middle class family. It was no longer used to slim waist but as a good supporting bra. The corsets used to have bust cups made with jean and bukram to give perfect shape. Elastic thread was used in the corsets to make it more stretchable.

It changed to its previous form of slimming the waist during 1830’s but the shape was changed to an hourglass. During the mid and late 19th century the tight lacing was used to achieve hourglass figure but many health related issues came into light. Many cases of tuberculosis, indigestion, circulatory damage, undeveloped uterus and many other health issues came to the doctors. Many women started a revolution to throw their corsets and wear comfortable clothes and it went off for sometimes but it made a comeback in 20’s and it is so famous till now.

Modern day corsets

Now, you have a variety of choices and designs with different shapes and sizes. It has gained so popularity in modern days and the demands seems to never ending. The hourglass shape figure is still in the fashion and everybody from famous celebs to housewives wants to attain such figure. It is a bit difficult in first week to carry waist trainer corsets but you will become habituated if you start wearing it regularly. Don’t rush and move slowly and also consult your doctor about this. Know its side effects and pros too and then opt for it.

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