Girdles for Women

Girdles for women: Know the different types available. These days, girdles for women are said to be quite different from those products which were made available several decades ago. Back then, the girdle was considered to be a cumbersome, huge garment which the person has stepped into. Once inside, another person is said to cinch up the garment and to tuck the wearer tightly inside. But these days, women use girdles that are created from products which offer shaping and comfort, all in a single easy-to-wear design. Actually, there are readily available four types of girdles for women in the market. These four options can be taken into consideration in the quest for a flat tummy, shapely curves or slimmer thighs.

Types of girdles for women

  • Panty girdles: Several options are offered in this category. Such garments can include buttocks shaping properties and tummy control panel or inbuilt padding for buttocks. It is possible to trim the tummy, to give that appealing curve to buttocks and smooth the curves with the garment. Such garments can appear to be quite appealing to women and can be found to be easy to be used, with minimal intrusion. Panty girdles, in majority of the cases will appear just like the regular underwear.
  • Thigh shaping girdles: They have been designed for doing away with excess weight or cellulite appearance in the buttocks, hips and thighs. They may come with inbuilt underwear and tummy slimming panel. You can come across additional designer leg shapers that may extend right up to the ankle. Such garments can be quite comfortable and perfectly fit similar to a glove. One can hardly notice the girdle present under the pair of skirt or pants.
  • Torso Trimmers: They are created for taking care of those body parts right to the breasts from the waist. Such garments are said to tuck within the waistline, providing the torso with that appealing curve. If the desire is to smooth the tummy bulge, slim the waist, eliminate back rolls or lift breasts, then such garments are termed to be just perfect. Few are designed to be worn effortlessly, while others tend to make use of hooks for slimming effects or to adjust tightness.
  • Body shapers: They are perfect for those having several areas to be adjusted. The body shapers can cover the region above the knees, right up to the shoulders. It includes providing support to the thighs, hips, waist, buttocks, breasts and the back. The tummy can be cinched and thighs, back and hips smoothened. It also can help lift the buttocks and breasts, thereby providing that slimming look. Majority of the body shapers are made from materials like Lycra or other types of fabrics. When worn, you can have that full-piece bathing suit feel.

Hence, the girdles for women that are available nowadays can be found in different types of attractive designs. It is possible to choose a design, which can better accentuate the wearer’s features and also successfully eliminate the problematic areas.

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