Full Body Girdle

How to select the most appropriate Full Body Girdle? Upon looking at the mirror, the image that you see might not satisfy you completely. After analyzing your body carefully, you may perhaps have that nice feeling. However, some details could be present in your figure which does not exactly fit. In such a case, a girdle is to be used to solve the issue.

Using full body girdle

There are different types of girdles available in the market these days. The full body girdle type has been designed with variety of colors, materials and innovative functionalities. However, this variety is said to come at a particular price. It does respond to the styling and shape needs which has been classified and analyzed in both men and women.

Details to look at when purchasing a girdle

With some research and understanding, it becomes possible to purchase the most appropriate girdles and get surprising results. Two basic variables can be considered when contemplating to purchase a girdle.

  • The material: The label is to be checked for verifying the material that is used for its creation, since each shaper comes with different characteristics of compression and elongation.
    • Comfort: If girdle is being used for the first time, then medium compression and seamless line that is elaborated with unique blend of nylon microfiber and Lycra is to be used for optimum comfort and softness.
    • Abdomen: If localized fat is to be removed in abdomen, then shaper coming with thermal benefits is to be used.
    • Strong control and maximum comfort: In case, high compression garment is desired, something that is easy to be used and soft to touch, then a girdle from Powertech line is to be worn. This line is said to offer exclusive mesh fabric, besides Rubberflex’s latex action, offering high shaping along with reasonable compression.
    • No cellulite: Reduction of cellulite without traditional diet and strenuous exercises is now possible, simply by using girdles. Clothes can now be controlled using bio-crystal technology. The garment is attached with crystallized minerals or bio-crystals, thus offering advantage to the girdle’s whole life.
  • Parts of the body that needs correction: Understanding the desired compression level, the next step would be to determine the right shaper design. Women generally target those body parts which are not liked by them and are eager to reduce, contour or conceal.
    • Girdles with high/mid coverage in back are to be used for providing the torso with better shape. The chest might not be covered, however, the abdomen and waist is to be compressed.
    • In case, the body contours is planned to be reshaped, then full body girdle (short / long) can be used to reduce the waist size when slimming down the middle and lower back, abdomen, legs and hips. These girdles are said to come with higher compression level and they are recommended after postpartum or surgery. Their benefits include butt lift and reduction of 1-3 sizes.

Body shapers that have been introduced today do have the quality for rectifying posture, to provide elegant optical appearance, when portraying a captive and highly attractive youthful glance.

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