How to Measure……

Don’t squish yourself – Relax your arms and measure all the way around your bust and back right at your nipple line, keeping the tap measure slightly loose.

Find your natural waist. – an easy way to do this is to stand in front of the mirror and bend at your side. The crease that forms indicates your natural waistline, directly above the navel line and below the ribcage. 

Stand up straight and relax your abdominal muscles. Wrap the measuring tape completely around your waist starting at the belly button. Begin at the spot on the tape where the measure reads “0.” Make sure the tape is level around your waistline, keeping the tape measure slightly loose and not tight.

You’ll get the most accurate results on bare skin. However, make sure the tape is not squeezing into your skin. The number that meets the “0” after you have circled your entire waist is your waist measurement.

Make certain that your clothes are tight fitting or that there is not a lot of loose material around the hip area.

Then, take the loose tape measure and wrap it around your hip area. The tape measure should be secured at the fullest part of the hip area, this is almost always over the buttocks.

Make certain that the tape measure is straight and parallel to the ground. The tape measure should be snug but not cutting into your body.

Find a pair of pants that fit exceptionally well. They must fit properly both in the waist and the length.  Measure from the crotch seam to the bottom of the trouser. The number of inches/cm to the nearest half inch/cm, is the inseam length. If you are intending to wear them with heels, you might want to add an inch or a few centimeters.

Apple Curves Waist Trainer Size Chart

Once you have your waist size in inches please check our size guide to see which size you will need to order.

If you are still unsure and would like some additional help please email us at

Apple Curves Size Guide

Colombian  Size  US Size  Waist Size (inches)
30 – XXSmall 4-6 – XXSmall 23 -25
32 – XSmall 8 – XSmall 25-27
34 – Small 8-10 – Small 27-29
36 – Medium 10-12 – Medium 29-32
38 – Large 12-14 – Large 32-34
40 – XL 14-16 – XL 34-36
42 – 2XL 16-18 – 2XL 36-38
44 – 3XL 18-20 – 3XL 38-40
46 – 4XL 20-22 – 4XL 40-42

48 – 5XL 22-24 – 5XL 42-44


WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: If your weight is evenly distributed among your whole body then the sizing chart can be accurately depicted according to height and weight. However, if a significant amount of your weight is concentrated in the abdominal area, we recommend ordering one size up.

NOTEWe recommend that someone assist you in putting the waist trainer on for the first time in efforts to better fit the waist trainer to your body shape. However, if you are putting the waist trainer on yourself, it is easier to lay flat horizontally while snapping the hooks together.

PLEASE DO NOT assume that the waist trainer is too small if you are having difficulty putting it on, as the first few times may require assistance while getting accustomed to wearing it. When you are able to feel how the waist trainer fits once it is fully snapped, you can decide whether the fit is comfortable for use.